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There are many types of cigar cutters, and types of cigar cuts. There is no such thing as a best type of cut, but there are better types of cigar cutters. I’ll go over each style of cutter and cut, then give you some recommended cigar cutters for you to go take a look at. After you’ve chosen a cigar cutter, it’s time to choose a cigar lighter.

Choosing a cigar cut is all preference, each style of cut will affect the draw of your cigar and it’s taste. So while you’re figuring out your preference in style of cut, any cutter will do to start off your collection of cigar accessories. So is a high quality & expensive cigar cutter necessary? In reality, the cost isn’t the important part. What is important about a cigar cutter is it’s effectiveness in terms of sharpness, consistency and how clean of a cut that is actually produced. I keep 2-3 different cutters in my cigar humidor at all times. For more cigar help, click here.

#1 – Alaska Bear Guillotine Cigar Cutter

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The Guillotine Cigar Cutter is the most common, it’s a straight cut with a pressing mechaniism from your thumb to your index finger. The guillotine cigar cutter allows you to create a clean straight cut giving you control of the location and the size of the cut. Note: You’re only supposed to cut off the head of the cigar with this, where most amateurs cut off too much.

#2 – XIKAR 7mm Twist Cigar Punch

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This is a more controlled cigar cutter, with a smaller opening of a cut. It’s a small circular cut at the head of the cigar where you draw. These style of cigar cutters are much small and much easier to take with on things such as a key ring. Only downside to this cutter is it will not work on torpedo shaped cigars.

#3 – Colibri V-Cut Cigar Cutter

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Personally, I prefer the V-Cut, I’m a fan of it because it gives plenty of exposure to tabacco for a good draw and keeps the cigar filler away from your tongue. It also doesn’t have as much tabacco leave the cigar and get into your mouth. This also controls the depth of the cut, avoiding any amateur move of cutting off too much of the cigar. The V cut is almost a happy medium of the Punch and The Straight cut.

#4 – Shuriken Cutter

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Personally, I’ve never used the Shuriken Cigar Cutter.. I’ve decided to add this here, mainly so you can see all of your options. I would give it a shot, I’ve just never had the opportunity to try it.

Considerations while purchasing a cigar cutter

Know which cut you would like to try first. Know the gauge of the cigar to be sure it will fit inside of the cutter. Be sure to try and get the best quality of blade or punch, all with being mindful of what you’re looking to spend.

Choose the best cigar cutter for you

If you’re unsure of which to choose, try them all one at a time. My personal preference is the V-Cut, and it wasn’t the first cut that I ever tried. I do have one of each style of cutter in my cigar humidor just in case a guest wants a different cut than I do.

It’s all preference, and your preference may evolve over time.