Best Cigar Travel Humidor

While smoking a cigar, avoiding anything that will change the flavor or smoke from a cigar is very important. You want to avoid a cigar that tastes of chemicals or odors. So when you do light a cigar use methods such as: Long Wooden Cigar Matches, Torch Lighters, Cedar Splits, or Butane Lighters. If you do choose to light a cigar with matches, wait until the sulfur has all burned off and there is only wood burning. A high quality cigar lighter along with a high quality cigar cutter, and you’re ready to start. For more cigar help, click here.

Now that you know what you should use, here is a reminder or what not to use to light your cigar. Methods to avoid lighting a cigar: Candles, Paper Matches, Stove, & Lighters that use lighter fluid. If you already have a quality lighter, take a look at some of the other cigar accessories we recommend.

#1 – Ostrich Pattern Travel Humidor Cigar Case

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This travel humidor holds 4 cigars, and is wrapped in genuine leather, that has ostrich print on the exterior. It is lined with spanish cedar wood, and actually comes with a cutter and a lighter. I think it’s an awesome travel humidor, that will keep your sticks safe in your carryon no problem.

#2 – Tommy Bahama 3 Finger Travel Humidor

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This one is my favorite, I use this to throw 2 sticks into my backpack and fill that finger flask with whatever bourbon or whiskey i’m drinking around that time. It’s perfect to go out to a concert, wedding, or whatever other event you’re headed to. Its not for long term storage, but it will get your sticks to where you’re going with out them breaking.

#3 – Cedar Wood Lined Portable Travel Leather Cigar Humidor with Humidifier

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This travel humidor with hygrometer has an elegant modern cylinder design. The PU leather outside with cedar wood inside is a perfect match for storing your sticks while on the move. It can hold around 5 cigars. Check it out, click the link above for more information.

#4 – Xikar Hard Case Travel Humidor

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#1 – S.T. Dupont “Initial” Cigar Lighter

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The worst thing in the world is a crushed cigar, there is nothing worst than pulling out a handful of tobacco from your pocket. This is a 3 cigar travel case, perfect for going from point A to point B to smoke. Click the link above to learn more.