When you first get your Cigar Humidor, you’re going to need to learn How to Season A Humidor. What I mean by that, you need to condition your cigar storage box so it can reach the proper humidification levels and stay there. So lets dive right in, and learn How to Season A Humidor.

Seasoning a Humidor, Supplies You’ll need

Now watch this How To Season Your Humidor Tutorial.

I learned How to Season A Humidor, Now What?

After you’ve gone through this process of How to Season A Humidor, let the humidor sit for up to 24 hours and check the hygrometers humidity levels. Most people prefer to storage their cigars at 70% humidity. If your humidor does not hold 70% humidity and is below, go through these steps again until it does hold it for at least 24 hours. If your humidor goes over, and holds a humidity that is too high.. well leave that box open for a few and let it dry out a bit.

In the mean time, while your humidor is being properly seasoned, maybe order some cigar accessories, or potentially a travel humidor… I know, it’s tempting.