Best Cigar Lighters

While smoking a cigar, avoiding anything that will change the flavor or smoke from a cigar is very important. You want to avoid a cigar that tastes of chemicals or odors. So when you do light a cigar use methods such as: Long Wooden Cigar Matches, Torch Lighters, Cedar Splits, or Butane Lighters. If you do choose to light a cigar with matches, wait until the sulfur has all burned off and there is only wood burning. A high quality cigar lighter along with a high quality cigar cutter, and you’re ready to start. For more cigar help, click here.

Now that you know what you should use, here is a reminder or what not to use to light your cigar. Methods to avoid lighting a cigar: Candles, Paper Matches, Stove, & Lighters that use lighter fluid. If you already have a quality lighter, take a look at some of the other cigar accessories we recommend.

#1 – Xikar EX Black Cigar Lighter

Xikar EX Black Cigar LighterBuy Now, Click Here

Stylish with a Black finish and durable casing protects a powerful and reliable windproof flame in the Lighter EX Black. Balancing style, materials, price and performance, the EX lighter is just what you’ve been waiting for. This is a quality cigar lighter for the cost with a shiny finish. Personally I took a little steel wool to it and made it more of a matte finish.

#2 – Xikar Tech Single Jet Cigar Lighter

Xikar EX Black Cigar LighterBuy Now, Click Here

Xikar Cutters and Lighters may be the last ones you’ll ever buy, due to their durability, engineering and darn good looks. Plus, with an unconditional lifetime warranty and some of the best prices around, there’s just no need to buy anything else. Cutters are comfortable in your hand and well balanced for a perfect cut. Lighters are bold, masculine, sleek and highly efficient. Boom! You’re done. This lighter has an auto open lid, with a very simple design. It’s durable body style and oversized adjustment wheel is a perfect fir for it’s ergonomic design. Simple, Affordable, and it works.

#3 – Xikar Ellipse Black Lighter

Xikar EX Black Cigar LighterBuy Now, Click Here

The xikar II black lighter is a triple jet flame, with an easy adjustment wheel that is operated by a single thumb. This cigar lighter also had a fuel gauge window and is also a one piece design. Ignition is quick and simple, and is easy to grip with it’s ribbed design.

#4 – Xikar Allume Triple Jet Cigar Lighter

Xikar EX Black Cigar LighterBuy Now, Click Here

This Triple Jet Cigar Lighter is a side squeeze ignition. It has a large wheel for adjustment with a fuel gauge window. It also has a lifetime warranty, click the link above to learn more about this lighter.

#1 – S.T. Dupont “Initial” Cigar Lighter

Xikar EX Black Cigar LighterBuy Now, Click Here

If you really want to go all out on a lighter, a Dupont is always a good investment. The level of elegance on this lighter is timeless, a real symbol of discerning style from it’s vertical guilloche lines. This lighter will instantly be recognized by a true cigar enthusiast. Click the link above to learn more.