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Humidor Care

Caring for your cigar humidor is essentially to keeping your cigars in tip top shape. Keepimg the humidity consistent, drastic increases or decreased in temperature or humidity is the name of the game. Using the wrong solutions to clean the inside of the humidor could potentially warp, stain, and ruin your humidor. Read more below.

  • Cigar Humidor CareExterior care for you cigar humidor will vary depending on the material. If your humidor has a sealed exterior, feel free to wipe it down with a wet rag. Tap water is alright to use here, maybe even a cleaning solution.
  • CareWhen cleaning the inside of your Cigar Humidor, do not use any sort of Chemicals or Tap Water. Chemicals could potentially stain the inside of your humidor, or even leave a taste or smell on your cigars. When cleaning the inside, use a clean rag and cigar humidor solution for a moisture agent to clean. If you add too much of the moisture agent, you may need to let the humidor dry out before storing your cigars again.
  • When storing your cigar humidor, you dont want it to be in direct sunlight or in an area that gets really hot or really cold. You want it in an area that stays fairly temperature stable. When storing cigars in your humidor, you want to keep humidity in-between 60%-70%. If you are unsure how to get these results, please take a look at our how to season a humidor page.
  • In my humidor I typically have anywhere inbetween 50-100 cigars along with a cigar cutter & a cigar lighters. If you’re curious of other items that could be added into your humidor check out our cigar accessories page.

Author: Dennis Smoke